Server HPE ProLiant ML350
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Server HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10, Tower 4U, Intel Xeon Silver 4208 (8 C / 16 T, 2.1 GHz - 3.2 GHz, 11 MB cache, 85 W), 16 GB DDR4 ECC, fara stocare, 4 x LFF, 500 W, Fara sistem de operare

Server HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Tower Intel Xeon Silver 4208, 8C / 16T, 2.1 GHz base, 3.2 GHz turbo, 11 MB cache, 85 W, 16 GB DDR4, Fara HDD, 4 x LFF, 500 W_1Server HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Tower Intel Xeon Silver 4208, 8C / 16T, 2.1 GHz base, 3.2 GHz turbo, 11 MB cache, 85 W, 16 GB DDR4, Fara HDD, 4 x LFF, 500 W_2Server HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Tower Intel Xeon Silver 4208, 8C / 16T, 2.1 GHz base, 3.2 GHz turbo, 11 MB cache, 85 W, 16 GB DDR4, Fara HDD, 4 x LFF, 500 W_3

Server HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10, Tower 4U, Intel Xeon Silver 4208 (8 C / 16 T, 2.1 GHz - 3.2 GHz, 11 MB cache, 85 W), 16 GB DDR4 ECC, fara stocare, 4 x LFF, 500 W, Fara sistem de operare

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HPE ML350 Gen10 4208 1P 16G 4LFF Svr
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PlatformaProLiant ML350 Gen10
Recomandat pentruMidsize Business
Procesoare incluse1
NucleuCascade Lake
ModelXeon Silver 4208
Numar nuclee8
Numar thread-uri16
Frecventa2.1 GHz
Frecventa turbo3.2 GHz
Smart Cache11 MB
Litografie14 nm
Capacitate memorie16 GB
Tip memorieDDR4 ECC
Compatibilitate DIMMRDIMM, LRDIMM
Sloturi memorie24
Configuratie memorie1 x 16 GB
Memorie maxima3 TB
Capacitate HDDFara HDD/SSD
Unitati stocare suportate4
Format unitati stocareLFF
Tip unitati stocareHot-Plug
Controller stocareHPE SmartArray E208i-a Gen10
Interfete suportateSATA 6G, SAS 12G
Nivele RAID0, 1, 5, 10
ChipsetIntel C622
Procesoare suportate2
Sloturi PCIe x164
Sloturi PCIe x84
USB 2.01
USB 3.01
LAN4 x 1GbE
Controller reteaHPE 369i
Administrare la distantaiLO 5
FormatTower 4U
Dimensiuni46.3 x 17.4 x 64.8 cm
Greutate21 kg
Surse suportate2
Surse incluse1
Putere sursa500 W
USB 2.01 (Management)
USB 3.02
RJ-454 + 1 (Management)
USB 3.02
Sistem de operareFara sistem de operare

hpe ML350 gen10 front perspective with bezel open

The HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 leverages the new scalable processors to deliver a 71%increase in performance and a 27% boost in core counts. This is a very flexible platform that can also support up to four double-wide GPUs for a dense Virtual Desktop infrastructure or to support graphics-intensive workloads. An optional storage cage also supports up to eight NVMe solid state drives for increased performance and resiliency. This tower server can also be rack mounted with an optional tower to rack conversion kit that support both this server and the HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen10


You can install one or two Intel Scalable processors from either Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum families with up to 28 cores. Each processor supports up to six memory lanes but to support the full memory capacity of 3TB will require a Scalable processor with an “M” designation that are designed to support up to 1.5TB of memory each. Processors without the “M” only support up to 768GB each. Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading may not be available on certain processor models. Power is provided by either a 500W, 800W or 1600W flex slot hot plug power supply in redundant or non-redundant configurations.


HPE’s 2666MHz DDR4 SmartMemory delivers an 11% increase in performance over 2400MHz memory modules. There are 24 memory slots total on the system board, with each processor assigned 12 memory slots. As previously mentioned, each processor supports six memory channels that will support two memory modules each. To enable the maximum supported memory at 3TB requires and appropriate CPU with an “M” designation and 128GB Load Reduced (LRDIMM) memory modules. Using Registered (RDIMM) memory modules will only support up to 768GB using 32GB memory modules operating at speeds of up to 2400MHz. Mixing of LRDIMMs and RDIMMs is not supported.


Storage on the HPE ML350 Gen10 platform is generous with support for up to 24 x 2.5-inch SAS, SATA SSDs HDDs and up to eight SFF NVMe PCIe drives. The 2.5-inch chassis configuration supports a default drive cage on the lower portion of the chassis that supports 8x 2.5-inch drive bays. Two additional drive cages each of which can support eight 2.5-inch drives can also be installed bringing the total to 24 2.5-inch drive bays. NVMe drives are only supported on the 2.5-inch chassis and must be installed in the center-mounted optional Express Bay drive cage. An NVMe kit has two x4 Direct Attached PCIe NVMe riser boards each of which can support four drives or a total of eight with both risers installed. There is also a 3.5-inch drive bay chassis configuration that supports up to 12 front-mounted drive bays, total. The chassis configurations for the 3.5-inch chassis is very similar with three separate drive cages each of which can support four 3.5-inch drives for a total of 12. Each configuration has a control panel at the top with system health, NIC status, two USB 3.0 ports and a dedicated iLO service port. A front bezel with security lock is standard equipment on this system. There is also a single MicroSD card slot located adjacent to PCIe slots 5-8 below the power supply. Managing the hard drives is either the integrated HPE Smart Array S100i SR Gen10 SW RAID. M.2 drives are supported by a universal enablement card kit and is limited to PCIe slots 1-4 and supports only one enablement kit total. M.2 supports software RAID only. Some of these configurations may require a redundant fan kit.


proliant ML350 gen10 server rear view

Eight PCIe 3.0 slots provide connections for a number of devices to support your workload. PCIe slots 1-4 located in the lower back of the chassis are supported by CPU 1, and optional GPUs can be installed in slots 1 and 3. PCI slots 5-8 are active with the addition of a second processor with slots 5 and 7 supporting optional GPUs. You can install up to four double-width GPUs like the Nvidia P4000, P6000 and Tesla P40 but only two Nvidia Tesla M10 quad GPU modules. There is an embedded four port 1GbE on the back of the system but you have a lot of choices for network communications with 1GbE, 10GbE, 10/25GbE, and 100GbE QSFP. The same goes for Smart Array HD/RAID controllers—lots of choices.


Management of the system is made easy with HPE’s suite of management tools including HPE integrated Lights Out (iLO) Advanced for out-of-band management of the system. HPE OneView helps with even more management tools for converged infrastructures. Security on all of the Gen10 servers has also been updated with Runtime Firmware Validation, which is part of the iLO Advanced Premium Security Edition. Secure recovery allows you to roll back the firmware to the last known version that was not compromised.


The HPE ProLiant ML350 server tower is an excellent addition to any size business, either in the front office, branch office or rack mounted in your server room once your startup business has outgrown its confines. The ML350 Gen10 packs in the performance with support for up to two 28-core top of the line processors, up to 3TB of memory, and a maximum storage capacity of up to 184TB using SFF drives.



  • Obsolete Date 31-01-2021
  • End of support date 31-01-2026


  • Processor speed 2.1 GHz
  • Power supply type 1 HPE 500W Flex Slot power supply
  • Processor Name Intel® Xeon® Scalable 4208 (8 core, 2.1 GHz, 11.00 MB, 85W)
  • Processor number 1 processor
  • Weight 46.30 lb
  • Weight 21 kg
  • Security UEFI Secure Boot and Secure Start support Immutable Silicon Root of Trust FIPS 140-2 validation (iLO 5 certification in progress) Common Criteria certification (iLO 5 certification in progress) Configurable for PCI DSS compliance Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) on browser Support for Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) Tamper-free updates – components digitally signed and verified Secure Recovery – recover critical firmware to known good state on detection of compromised firmware Ability to rollback firmware Secure erase of NAND/User data TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2 option TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 option Front bezel key-lock feature – standard, available in both Tower and Rack models Padlock slot, standard Kensington Lock slot, standard
  • Product dimensions (H x W x D) 18.2 x 25.51 x 6.85 in
  • Minimum dimensions ( H x W x D) 46.25 x 64.8 x 17.4 cm
  • Processor cache 11 MB L3
  • Processor core available 8 core
  • Form factor 4U tower with rack conversion capability
  • Infrastructure management HPE iLO Standard with Intelligent Provisioning (embedded), HPE OneView Standard (requires download) (standard), HPE iLO Advanced, and OneView Advanced (optional)
  • Network controller HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 369i Adapter
  • Included hard drives None ship standard, 4 LFF drives supported
  • System fan features 2 standard fans Optional redundant fan cage kit (874572-B21, additional 4 fans)
  • Expansion slots 4-slots (x16, x8, x16, x8) as standard For detail reference QuickSpecs.
  • Memory, standard 16 GB (1x 16 GB) RDIMM
  • Memory type HPE DDR4 SmartMemory
  • Optical drive type Optional
  • Storage controller 1 HPE Smart Array E208i-a Gen10 Controller
  • Warranty 3/3/3 - Server Warranty includes three years of parts, three years of labor, three years of onsite support coverage. Additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support is available at: http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/wc/public/home. Additional HPE support and service coverage for your product can be purchased locally. For information on availability of service upgrades and the cost for these service upgrades, refer to the HPE website at http://www.hpe.com/support



Do you need a robust server for your SMB and remote offices? HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 server delivers a secure dual-socket tower server with performance, expandability, and proven reliability making it the choice for expanding SMBs, remote offices of larger businesses, and enterprise data centers. ProLiant ML350 Gen10 leverages the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to 71% [1] performance gain and 27% increase in cores [2], along with the 2933 MT/s [3] or 2666 MT/s HPE DDR4 SmartMemory supports up to 3.0 TB and 11% [4] faster than 2400 MT/s. The shorter re-designed rackable chassis with multiple upgrade options provides flexibility that can expand as your business needs grow. It supports 12 Gb/s SAS, NVMe SSD, embedded 4x1GbE NIC with a broad range of graphics and compute options. Supported by the HPE Pointnext industry-leading service organization, HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 server helps you transform to a digital business with more agility and all within your limited IT budget.

What''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s new

  • Supports the new NVIDIA Quadro P2200 and P1000 GPU cards.
  • Supports Intel’s 2nd generation Xeon Scalable processor with 16% increase in performance [5] and HPE DDR4 SmartMemory 2933 MT/s, providing a boost in processing performance and memory speed.
  • Supports mixed LFF and SFF drive cages within the same server for tiered storage, offering the flexibility to mix drive types for cost and capacity size considerations.
  • HPE InfoSight provides a cloud-based analytics tool that predicts and prevents problems before your business is impacted.
  • Enhanced iLO 5 security features such as Server Configuration Lock, iLO Security Dashboard and Workload Performance Advisor.
  • High performance graphic processing unit (GPU) and high-speed GPU bridge support for graphic-intensive applications such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and machine learning.


Perform with Unmatched Versatility

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 server supports up to two Intel Xeon Scalable processors, starting from Bronze through Platinum, 4 cores expanding up to 28 core processors offering unparalleled performance.

Services provided under Operational Services include: HPE Flexible Capacity, HPE Datacenter Care, HPE Infrastructure Automation, HPE Campus Care, HPE Proactive Services and multi-vendor coverage.

GPU expansion supports up to four units to accelerate performance in VDI applications and machine learning for financial services, surveillance and security, educational and scientific research, as well as retail and medical imaging.

With the new addition of NVIDIA GV100 and NVLINK BRIDGE, NVIDIA Tesla 4 and NVIDIA RTX GPU option support, it transforms into a even more powerful AI Tower server with high-speed GPU connection, ray-tracing and AI.

HPE IT investment solutions help you transform to a digital business with IT economics that align to your business goals.

The HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 server comes with a complete set of HPE Pointnext services, delivering confidence, reducing risk, and helping customers realize agility and stability.

Services from HPE Pointnext simplify all stages of the IT journey. Advisory and Transformation Services professionals understand customer challenges and design an effective solution. Professional Services enable rapid deployment of solutions and Operational Services provide ongoing support.

Up to 24 DIMM slots to support the 2933 MT/s or 2600 MT/s HPE DDR4 SmartMemory [3], reducing data loss and downtime with the HPE Gen10 technology licensed Fast Fault Tolerance feature while increasing workload performance and power efficiency.

It supports a wide range of solutions from Azure to Docker to ClearOS along with the traditional operating systems.

Industry Leading Services and Ease of Deployment

Additional security options are available with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to prevent unauthorized access to the server and reliably store artifacts used to authenticate the server.

With Runtime Firmware Verification the server firmware is checked every 24 hours verifying validity and credibility of essential system firmware. Secure Recovery allows server firmware to rollback to the to last known good state or factory settings after detection of compromised code.

iLO 5 security features include Server Configuration Lock to ensure secure transit; iLO Security Dashboard helps detect and address possible security vulnerabilities in server setup. Workload Performance Advisor provides server tuning recommendations for better server performance.

HPE Integrated Lights Out 5 (iLO 5) enables the world’s most secure industry standard servers with HPE Silicon Root of Trust technology to protect your servers from attacks, detect potential intrusions and recover your essential server firmware securely.

Security Innovations

Embedded 4x1GbE and the choice of PCIe standup 1GbE, 10GbE or 25GbE adapters and Infiniband cards provide you the flexibility of networking bandwidth and fabric so you can scale and adapt to different needs as your business grows.

Large expansion capacity with eight PCIe slots, six USB ports, 5U rack conversion, and power supply options.

ProLiant ML350 Gen10 delivers expandability and flexibility with mixed LFF and SFF drive cages within the same server. Supporting 8 to 24 SFF or 16 SFF when mixed with 8 NVMe PCIe solid state drives, 4 to 12 LFF hot plug or non-hot plug drive protecting your IT investment in hybrid environment.

Expand When Your Business Needs Grow


HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server Rack Conversion Vignette

This vignette illustrates the ease of converting from a tower to a rack.

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server Hardware Tour

This video highlights the key hardware features and benefits of the HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server.

Soluzioni HPE Small Office Deployment

Le soluzioni HPE Small Office Deployment forniscono una pacchetto di soluzioni a prezzi accessibili per l''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''IT delle piccole imprese. Basato sui server HPE ProLiant DL20 e ML30 Gen10, sui punti di accesso wireless e switch Aruba OfficeConnect.

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server Storage Configurations Vignette

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HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Server Exploded View Animation

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Software de Rápida Instalacion - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

El software de rápida instalación HPE viene en una simple USB que brinda la capacidad de configurar servidores HPE ProLiant. Simple y rápido, reduce los errores y fomenta las mejores prácticas de manera consistente.

Master the ProLiant Gen10 Server Pitch

Build a simple, secure, and affordable SMB solution on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers

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